In a competitive environment being the best is not always enough in and of itself. To win contracts or keep existing customers there is often a need to demonstrate an interest in the customer as an individual or group. That is where corporate entertainment comes in and where we can help.

iPhone Pictures 154Our guided walking tours, river tours and experience days offer something unique in the field of corporate entertainment. In addition they are at a price that will keep your finance manager and the auditors happy!

We can also deliver after dinner speakers on any of the subjects listed on our guided walks page. The speaker will tailor their address to the time available. You guests are guaranteed to be enthralled, entertained and left with a – well I never knew that!

For Corporate walking tours we will cater for up to 20 people. More than this and we would look to split your group between two or more guides. We prefer to run tours with not more than 15 people per guide, except in the case of our tasting tours where 20 is the optimum number but rates can be agreed for smaller numbers as low as 10.

That Special Individual
Everyone has that special client they really wish to look after. Sometimes there may be a need to entertain the partner of that client whilst you and the client are engaged in the detail of your business. We are able to offer any of our guided walks and river tours on an individual basis and this also means we can provide additional elements to cater specifically for the requirements of that person. Prices for VIP’s will vary with their requirements and are available on request.

Team Building
Guided walking tours provide an opportunity for your team to gel in an informal environment where the normal hierarchy of the team is not as important and form a good precursor to some other team building exercise or an informal lunch, which we would be happy to arrange. Go to our tours page to see those available.

The experience days give an even better opportunity for the team to operate in a different environment. The Thames barge sailing event is specifically recommended for those teams you want to get working together in an environment that none of them, even experienced sailors, will be used to. Go to our experience days page to see the options we currently offer.


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