All our walks last approximately 2 hours and are, for the most part, relatively flat. If you do not see the walk you want, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Prisons and Punishments
Tower of LondonThis walk takes you through some of London’s darker history. From the filth and squalor of medieval prisons, to the public display of removed heads and the places of trial and persecution. A walk to make you glad to be a 21st century citizen who can visit the past and then leave it behind! We will finish with a visit to what are said to be 18th Century dungeon cells.


Barricades, Bombs and Bollards
Barricades, Bombs and BollardsA walk through the history of the City of London looking at how it has defended itself from those who would attack it. From the burning and destruction of Boudica in Roman times, the ages of revolution and revolt, two World Wars to the threat of modern day terrorism.



Literary walks
William ShakespeareThere are a range of walks which cover the places frequented and described by literary giants. The home of Charles Dickens’ Pickwick Papers, the tower where Samuel Pepys watched London burn in 1666, the theatre most associated with William Shakespeare and the house of Dr Johnson author of the first English dictionary. We provide a general walk which mentions them all as well as walks themed on each individual author.


The City of London Past and Present
City of LondonThis is a general walk covering a number of topics including architecture, literature and great literary figures and significant historical events.



Whisky Galore!
Whisky TourThis walk needs a minimum number 10 people so you can either join a group on a scheduled walk or form your own with your friends. There is of course an option for you to arrange a bottle of whisky as a gift for each client/ family friend at the end of the tour. The cost of this will vary with your selected whisky. This tour takes you to a dozen sites in the City of London loosely connected with whisky, explaining many of the less obvious stories connected with them and finishes up with a tasting of four whiskies to warm you for your journey home.

Religion and the City
Religion in the cityThis walk will take you on a journey that will look at the impact of religion on the City of London. it’s buildings, street names, districts and customs. You will see some beautiful buildings and understand some of the social history that has made the City’s history so rich. The sites we visit will take us back to the trials and burnings of martyrs, show the contribution religion has made to medicine and cause you to wonder at the links between politics and religion over the ages.



Fleapits, fleshpits and floozies!
Victorian prostituteA guided walking tour of the South Bank of the river Thames, the one-time pleasure garden of London and the original “Sin City”. Learn about the fishponds, bear baiting, theatres, rookeries and brothels that served the City of London but were not fit to be within its walls. A separate river tour version of this tour is available.



The City Churches of Sir Christopher Wren
St. Paul's CathedralA Guided walking tour looking at what remains of the Churches Built by Sir Christopher Wren in the City of London. Beacons of awesome beauty that have survived for hundreds of years despite the wars that have ravaged their destruction on this great city!




The Great Fire of London
Burning Old St Paul'sA walk through the City of London looking at key sights connected with the destruction wrought by the Fire that started in a bakers in 1666 and the renaissance City which rose like a phoenix from the ashes.




The Phoenix City
The Phoenix CityThis guided walk will demonstrate and explain the work of the great architects such as Sir Christopher Wren, Sir Norman Foster and Richard Rodgers amongst others. You will see architecture through the ages showing the development of the City of London from its past glories to its present astonishing architectural achievements.


Eccentrics and the City
Eccentrics in the city timeThe English are renown for being regarded as eccentric and perhaps a “little odd” by Europeans and Americans alike. This tour takes in the sites associated with some of London’s most eccentric and outrageous characters, The mad, the bad and the simply extraordinary will both horrify and amuse you.




Jack The Ripper Tour
MarthaA firm favourite with Londoners and visitors alike. These infamous murders still strike a chill in the hearts of those who hear of them. You will walk the same parts of London that were so dreadfully stalked by Jack the Ripper. You will hear tales of his crimes and the stories of his victims and those who sought to catch him. But who was he?



Thameside City Walk
Thames side city walkLet your guide take you along the side of the River Thames and tell you of its history as a major world maritime trading centre to the importance of the buildings along the river front today. You will travel in time and space and really feel the depth of History that makes London the unique, vibrant and ever evolving city that it is today. All this next to the very river that is the reason for the city’s existence and is, in reality, still the life blood at its beating heart. This tour is also available as a river tour.

City Clocks Tell more than the time
Thames side city walkThis walk takes you on a tour of some of the many public clocks in the City of London. This is not simply a walk about time pieces but about the people who made them, the times in which they were made and the buildings upon which they can be found. Time will fly on this walk!

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