The price for programmed tours (those on our calendar open to the general public) is £10 per person. Private walking tours booked specifically for individuals or groups are priced according to the number of people on the tour as follows:

  • bespoke guided walking tours for individuals or couples £60
  • 3 to 5 people £20 per person
  • 6 to 10 people £10 per person
  • 11 to 15 people £8 per person
  • 16+ people £7 per person

SPECIALIST TOURS (Those involving other suppliers of goods or services) and listed below

The Whiskey Tour This tour requires a group with a minimum number of 12 people and a maximum number of 20 due to licensing requirements and restrictions.

  • Individual booking £40 (This can only be accommodated as part of a larger group)
  • Group booking for 12 to 15 people £35 per person
  • Group booking for 16 to 20 people £30 per person


The City of London & Thames Sailing Barge Experience This is a full day at a set cost for a maximum of 14 people. It includes a cooked breakfast and a buffet lunch as well as champagne from a venue with a stunning view over the City. The day concludes with a passage on a Thames sailing barge from central London to Greenwich and back to St Katherines Dock by Tower Bridge. Cost for the day £2950.

Experience London’s Riverside on and off the river Thames These tours are both on and off land and are £55 per person.

Sail a Thames Sailing Barge This opportunity is only available May to September. This fabulous experience of an age gone bye is priced independently for each trip. The prices below are indicative and may vary slightly depending on the time of year and any discounts for booking in advance. Please plan early and book well in advance to avoid disappointment and in order that we can best meet your requirements taking the effect of tides into account. Please note the barges will only sail with a maximum of 14 passengers and prices include meals.

  • Exclusive booking for 11 to 14 people £120 per person per day
  • Exclusive booking for 6 to 10 people £1,500 per day
  • Exclusive Booking for 5 people or less £1,850 per day
  • Individual bookings on public sailings £95 per person per day


These are priced as per the above for the basic tour but a number of additional features, activities and gifts can be added to enhance the customer experience and these are negotiated on an individual basis. Tours can also be extended to include other tours or events. The prices for VIP Tours where it is necessary for the VIP to experience the tour in a vehicle will be charged at £120 for the tour guide and £70 per hour or part of an hour for the vehicle and specially trained driver.


These are charged as per the tour rates set out above but it is possible to enhance these with additional features, activities and gifts depending on the corporate objective. Suggestions and prices are available on request.