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This is a series of presentations we are giving in Chiswick: Exciting stuff!






Coffee Shop College” Talks  Tuesdays from 21st October 6:30pm – 8pm

Why not do something completely different on a Tuesday evening?  Invest some time in yourself as you relax in stylish surroundings with a cup of coffee and have fun learning about London.

Thames London City Tours and Chateau Dessert will be bringing back to life the spirit of coffee shops in the 17th Century as places of entertainment, learning and community focus. Glyn Jones is a qualified City of London Guide and will be hosting the series of informative and entertaining talks listed below at:

Chateau Dessert, 213 Chiswick High Road, W4 2DW

Tuesday 21st October – London Bridge: Fact and Fable

Tuesday 28th October – What’s in a name?

Tuesday 4th November – Prisons and punishments

Tuesday 11th November – London at war

Tuesday 18th November – Great Fires of London

Tuesday 25th November –The London Docks/ Rise & Demise

For more information or to book please visit us at: (type coffee shop college in the search box) or call 0203 532 2007 or 07776 210 404

London Bridge: Fact and Fable – Hear about the role of the bridge; how it helped and hindered rebellion, commerce and wars. Discover what the children’s nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down” is really all about.

What’s in a name? – Embark on an exploration of some of London’s street names. Learn about the famous and sometime infamous activities and events that gave rise to these names and how the meaning of some has softened or been almost lost over time

Prisons and punishments – Explore the darker truths behind our penal history. See what prisons were like and what really happened at executions. Glimpse the courage of individuals who stood up for change, often at great personal cost.

London at war – London has survived innumerable conflicts over the centuries. Hear what survival required and of the tremendous courage and resilience of Londoners which made that survival a reality.

The Great Fires of London – London has been plagued by fires throughout its history. This talk will look at the most prominent fire events that have left their mark upon the City.

The London Docks – Rise & Demise. We will see how the docks developed and evolved with the changing nature of London’s peoples, changes in customer demand and above all changes in ship design.













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